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Happy Hosted PBX Customer

“FonAngle responds better and more completely than any telecom company I have worked with in the past.”

Joe O'Gorman - Owner

Hosted PBX Success Story: Full Throttle Indoor Karting

FonAngle’s Hosted PBX wins first Place with Full Throttle Indoor Karting.

Think you've got a little Dale Earnhardt or Danica Patrick in you?

Then release that inner speed demon at Full Throttle Indoor Karting! 

Full Throttle offers many events and packages, from solo races to corporate functions, bachelor parties, and even retirement home outings! They run Sodi RX7 karts on a professionally designed track suitable for drivers of all experience levels.

Their team of karting enthusiasts are racers themselves and bring an honest excitement to their jobs--be sure to ask them lots of questions: you’ll learn a few things and have an even better time!

Full Throttle Indoor Karting

FonAngle + Full Throttle Indoor Karting

Aaron Banfield and Joe O’Gorman opened Full Throttle out of a shared passion for racing. They left successful careers in IT and telecommunications to make a business out of a hobby. FonAngle's Hosted Phone System helped them solve 2 problems, one problem: they needed a reliable, competitively priced phone system with a rich feature set, and they didn't want to have to maintain it themselves. Secondly, FonAngle's Hosted PBX allowed them to start taking calls and making sales before they had even signed the lease on their building.  Aaron and Joe looked at other Hosted PBX providers, but none of them could keep pace with the driving needs of a busy business.

Aaron and Joe's background in IT made them savvy customers: they knew what they were looking for, knew what quality looked like, and weren't willing to settle for a system that didn't fully meet their needs.

They researched Business VoIP providers and discovered a long list of positive reviews for FonAngle’s Hosted PBX system (HoPs, for Hosted Office Phone System).

After speaking with a FonAngle sales consultant, they decided FonAngle’s Hosted PBX solution was the one for them.


  • They needed a phone system before their building was ready
  • They needed a reliable phone system for a good price
  • They didn’t want to invest time or money in maintaining a phone system
  • They required Voicemail 2 Email, among other features


  • Implemented FonAngle's Hosted Office Phone System™
  • Implemented our Call Center Plus functionality
  • Implemented our paging feature
  • Chose Yealink T26 IP phones

Full Throttle Indoor Karting Q and A

We talked to Aaron from Full Throttle Indoor Karting about his business and about how FonAngle keeps the finely tuned engine of his business running

Why did you choose FonAngle?

The Hosted Office Phone System™ (HoPs) feature set matched our needs very well, and the price point was great.

We also like the flexibility of no contracts with month to month service.  We checked on a number of providers and FonAngle had some of the best reviews on the internet. Now we know why firsthand:  customer service has been top notch.       

What has your experience been with FonAngle?

FonAngle is responsive to issues or changes, and will always follow up to ensure things are right.  They take the extra time to implement changes and make sure they're done right.  

I spent a good portion of my career in telecommunications – as both a supplier and customer.  I have to say the FonAngle team responds so much better and more completely than any traditional telecom company I have worked with in the past.   

How have you integrated FonAngle into your business?

The service functions as if it were on-site.   We use an auto attendant to guide callers to the most appropriate person. The voicemail integrated with our email is probably the most convenient feature.  Having one place to deal with incoming messages, regardless of being in or out of the building, makes our life much simpler.

What is your favorite part about FonAngle?

Customer Service, online ticketing, and integrated voicemail / email

How did your company get its start? 

Our company was started by 2 friends that shared a love of racing.    While working in the IT department at a Fortune 1000 company, a discussion ensued about how cool it would be to open an indoor go kart track in Cincinnati. 

The discussion turned more serious – and eventually grew into a business plan.   A quest for funding and a search for the right location led to the big leap - - leave corporate America in favor of our own business!  We are early in our 2nd year of operation.  



What does Full Throttle  look like today? 

Full Throttle Indoor Karting has seen a tremendous 1st year.   We exceeded our own expectations and have been able to accelerate some of our longer term plans.    We have approximately 35 employees and have become a destination for racers and racing fans from all over Southwest and Central Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.   

What are some of the challenges you face? 

Attracting the best talent and keeping them always upbeat and enthusiastic.    We are very proud of our staff, and work with them to always stay positive.    We strive to make sure that every customer has a memorable and positive experience – and if they don’t for whatever reason,  we like to make it right.   

What makes you passionate about working at your company? 

The company has allowed us to blend hobby and job.   We get very charged up when we hear from customers that they had a great time and that they share our love of racing.   

What keeps your customers coming back for more?

We developed a track that is challenging and rewarding.    Fast laps come with practice.    We foster and encourage customers to do better, be faster, focus on improving.  We offer tips and advice, and for the more serious, racing schools. We are very interactive with our customers – and they seem to  appreciate it.   

How do you build your products and what makes them stand out? 

We put customer experience at the top of every list of “why we do what we do” from employee training, to in-building signage, to events and promotions that reward and promote repeat customers. Customers have choices on where they spend their hard earned dollars.  We want them to feel like they got great value.   

Do you have a favorite customer story? 

There are a lot to choose from.    One of my favorites was a group that came out to race from a local retirement home – the  youngest racer was 83 years old – the oldest was 93.   They had a blast – and were a great inspiration to our staff.    Everyone agreed – we wanted to be like those folks when we reach their ages!   We’ve had some local celebrities come out to play – and we always have fun with them.   

What is the working environment for your employees?

We try to take fun seriously.   We try to keep the environment light and friendly, while being very serious about the safety of our customers and crew.   We provide racing at no cost to employees so they can live in the customer experience and provide input about how to be better.   We look for people that are energetic and enthusiastic.   

Any awards you’d like to show off?

Nominee – Small Business of the Year – Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce.   Winner – Corporate Citizen of the year, 2012 Springdale OH Chamber of Commerce.  Better Business Bureau Accredited.  Qualifying location for the Karting World Championship 2011

Full Throttle at the Finish Line

Did reading about Aaron’s dedication to creating great customer experiences get you thinking about how you interact with your customers? It did for us, because we share the same pride in going the extra mile for our customers.

In fact, that’s what draws us to profiling businesses like Full Throttle Indoor Karting. And, as Aaron mentioned, that’s what gets businesses across North America racing to join FonAngle.

If you are looking for great service like Full Throttle, give us a call: 877.366.2646

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